PVC ID Card Paper (White) (A4) (50 pcs)
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Inkjet print PVC sheet (white) for PVC ID card making ,student card , membership card making material,  A4 size , 0.76mm thick, 50pcs


Color: Gold
Packages: 50 pcs/ bag
Type: Common digital inkjet printing PVC sheet
Surfaces: Matte surface (picture can only printed on this side) & Smooth surface
Size: 210x297mm
Thickness for each pc : 0.76mm ( 0.15mm inkjet print sheet + 0.46mm middle material(hard core)+0.15mm(inkjet print sheet )
Laminating temperature: 100-130C
Printing accuracy: 1440 dpi
Storage conditions: sealed, avoid moisture , temperature below 40C
Functions: Suitable for color inkjet printing, it also can be screen printed and offset printed.

  • Clear image
  • perfect color reversion
  • flat smooth and bright surface
  • Firm card body
  • Can be excellent laminated
  • Strong anti-UV ability

Each PVC sheet includes 3 layers: A(0.15mm)+B(0.46mm)+C(0.15mm). Standard credit card thickness.

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