Sublimation Mug Heat Press Machine
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  1. CE certificate
  2. Digital temperature indicator
  3. Easy to operate
  4. Automatic temperature constant
  5. Automatic baking time control
  6. Pressure adjustable
  7. Full mug surface heat transfers print
  8. Even pressure heat-resistant material remains stable up to 400 °C
  9. Easy to operate



  • 3"-3.5" diameter ( 11oz )


Four Functions:

  1. Heating temperature - set desired temperature
  2. Heating time - set desired heating time
  3. Degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit
  4. Temperature Correction - set appropriate calibration temperature


How to print your digital photo onto mug:

  1. Take a digital photo
  2. Print it out on sublimation paper with sublimation ink in your printer
  3. Cut the paper image to about 3" x 4" size
  4. Wrap the image facing in the sublimation coated mug
  5. Place the mug in the mug press cup holder
  6. Set temperature to 180 C to 200 C
  7. Set the desired time (varies from 45 sec. to 2 minutes.
  8. Longer time leads to darker impression)
  9. Take the mug out when timer buzz
  10. Your customized mug is done!


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